OEM Boiler Parts stocks a wide variety of Pilot Assemblies. Pilot Assemblies provide a very similar function in an industrial boiler that a spark plug provides in an automobile engine- it ignites the main flame once the boiler’s operating controls call for heat. Generally operating with gas- either natural gas or LP gas- the Pilot ignites the relatively small pilot gas flow with an electric spark produced by the Electrode. Once the boiler’s flame safeguard control detects the presence of the pilot flame, it will permit the main fuel valves, either oil or gas, to open so that the main flame is ignite. OEM Boiler Parts has in its possession many of the original tools and weld fixtures used in the Iron Fireman® plant. Many of our Pilot Assemblies are produced on these original Iron Fireman® production tools in order to guarantee proper fit-up and operation.

Iron Fireman® Pilot Assembly


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Iron Fireman® Pilot Assembly

If Pilot 7490336011

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