Frequently Asked Questions

Who is OEM Boiler Parts?

OEM Boiler Parts is a division of Burton Mechanical, LTD., dedicated to the manufacture and sale of repair and replacement parts for boilers and burners.  We specialize in Kewanee and Iron Fireman parts as we own the design and the manufacturing tooling for these  products.  In addition, we offer aftermarket parts for virtually all makes of boilers and burners, including Cleaver Brooks and Gordon-Piatt.


What happened to Kewanee?

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What happened to Iron Fireman?

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Do you ship internationally?

OEM Boiler Parts has been shipping internationally for 12 years. We are well acquainted with all specialized aspects of international business- export packing requirements, INCOTERMS, Letters of Credit, freight forwarders, etc.  We can easily ship to your freight forwarder in then US, or ship directly to your home country.


Can we communicate in Spanish?

¡Claro que si, con todo gusto!  Nuestro gerente general vivió varios años en México y ha estado conduciendo negocios por todo Latinoamérica por más de 20 años.  Para facilitar las comunicaciones y minimizar errores, favor de iniciar su contacto con OEM Boiler Parts por escrito.  Haga clic aquí, por favor.


How can I pay for my order?

We accept PayPal, as well as MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express credit cards.  For international orders over $500 we will gladly accept an international wire transfer.  US customers may also pay by check.


What are your standard payment terms?

Standard payment terms are payment in advance of shipment.  In some cases, depending upon the complexity and/or rarity of the part involved, we might request a 30% down payment with the order.


Can I get Net 30 day credit terms with OEM Boiler Parts?

For new customers, the first 3 orders must be paid before shipment.  After 3 orders, we will gladly evaluate the possibility of establishing Net 30 Day payment terms upon receipt of adequate credit references.


I found you on the internet.  Can I call you for free technical support?

OEM Boiler Parts is a manufacturer and distributor of parts for boilers and burners.  We are not a mechanical contractor, nor are we combustion experts.  If your inquiry relates to Kewanee or Iron Fireman products we will be more than happy to share with you whatever information we can find in the specific job file.


I’m not sure how to describe my part, can I send you a picture?

Yes, definitely!!  We love this!!  Industrial products of the quality of Kewanee or Iron Fireman have service lives of many decades if properly maintained.  We have encountered instances where we have spent hours attempting to identify the part used in the factory, only to find out that the part may have been updated in the field with a later design level part sometime during its service life. It is often extremely useful to have pictures of the part being replaced, even if its condition is poor, merely for identification purposes.  Please email us the model and order number off the equipments tag along with pictures to

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