OEM Boiler Parts is the only manufacturer of genuine replacement parts for Kewanee® boilers and Iron Fireman® burners, as we own the drawings.  We also offer quality aftermarket replacement parts for Cleaver Brooks boilers, Ajax boilers, and Gordon-Piatt® burners.

After Kewanee Boiler ceased production in 2002, OEM Boiler Parts purchased the following assets directly from the Kewanee factory:


  • Detailed “as-built” sales order files containing technical data for every boiler, burner, deaerator, and boiler feed tank produced since 1970
  • Hundreds of original Kewanee stamping dies, weld fixtures, assembly tools, molds, etc.
  • Engineering drawings that enable us to manufacture almost every part for Kewanee boilers that were produced after 1970
  • Transfer of Kewanee® trademark rights


For more information on what happened to Kewanee Boiler, click here. We also have Kewanee manuals available for free download.

Gordon-Piatt may have stopped building new burners in 2009, but OEM Boiler Parts specializes in manufacturing and sourcing repair parts for  these burners. Our professionals guide you through the process of identifying and ordering the correct replacement parts for your Gordon-Piatt burner. We own the Gordon-Piatt trademark and www.gordonpiatt.com web domain.

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When Iron Fireman ceased production of new burners on January 1, 2012, OEM Boiler Parts purchased the following assets directly from the Iron Fireman factory in order to fabricate and offer genuine original equipment Iron Fireman parts:


  • Engineering drawings
  • Detailed “as-built” bill of materials for all burners
  • Hundreds of original Iron Fireman weld fixtures, assembly tolls, etc.
  • Extensive inventory of finished and semi-finished parts


For more information on the history of Iron Fireman, click here. If you need help with replacement parts for your Iron Fireman burner please contact us. We are ready to help with all your Iron Fireman burner parts needs.

Aftermarket Boiler Parts is not an authorized sales representative of Cleaver-Brooks, Inc. or related to Cleaver-Brooks in any way, nor does Aftermarket Boiler Parts provide or manufacture any genuine, authorized or OEM Cleaver-Brooks replacement parts. Any aftermarket replacement parts for boilers sold or provided by Aftermarket Boiler Parts are manufactured by or on behalf of Aftermarket Boiler Parts and not Cleaver-Brooks. Cleaver-Brooks® is a registered trademarked owned by Cleaver-Brooks, Inc.

Gordon-Piatt®, Kewanee®, and Iron Fireman® are registered trademarks of Burton Mechanical Ltd. and cannot be used without express written permission.

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OEM Boiler Parts Logo