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We sell genuine Kewanee parts

OEM Boiler Parts sells genuine replacement parts for Kewanee boilers and Kewanee burners. If anyone tells you that Kewanee parts are hard to find, it’s because they haven’t called OEM Boiler Parts.  We own the Kewanee sales orders and drawings.

OEM Boiler Parts owns the following assets, previously owned by Kewanee:

  • All engineering drawings known to exist, the oldest of which date back to 1916.
  • Engineering and sales records for each boiler produced by Kewanee after mid 1970. These records contain the bill of materials for each boiler, as-built.
  • Purchasing records for all Kewanee purchases from 1985, so that we can identify, procure, and provide the exact part which was installed on your Kewanee boiler as built from the factory.
  • Kewanee® trademark rights
  • Hundreds of weld fixtures and manufacturing tools so that we can manufacture parts exactly as they were produced by Kewanee, not only to the original drawing, but often on the original Kewanee tooling!

We also maintain in stock, and available for immediate delivery, many of the most commonly required parts such as: cams, diffusers, blower wheels and motors, pilots, etc. Our well-trained and knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you in identifying and providing the authentic, original equipment parts you need to keep you Kewanee boiler running for many years to come.

Kewanee Boiler Corporation History:

Kewanee began manufacturing boilers in 1868. Over the next 133 years, until production ceased in 2002, tens of thousands of Kewanee boilers were sold to residential, commercial, and industrial customers in the US and abroad. Kewanee was part of various US manufacturing corporations over its life, the latest being Burnham Corporation, which purchased Kewanee in 1991. In 2001, Burnham management decided to cease production and to withdraw the Kewanee boiler from the marketplace, primarily due to the steadily declining numbers of industrial firetube boilers being built and sold in the US. After production ceased, and the facilities in Kewanee, IL were closed and ultimately sold, Burnham established a company in Indiana by the name of Classic Parts and Service to maintain the availability of authentic, original equipment replacement parts for Kewanee boilers. In 2006, the assets of Classic Parts and Service were purchased by OEM Boiler Parts which had been established in 2003 by a former Kewanee executive.


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