OEM Boiler Parts is your source for genuine linkage parts for your Kewanee burner. Contact us today with your burner's model and sales order number and we can identify all the correct linkage pieces for your burner.

Straight Connector

Kewanee Swivel Joint 208500040002

Part Number 208500040002

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Swivel Ball Joint

Kewanee Angle Connector 208500040001

Part Number 208500040001

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Did you know?


If your boiler was built in 1970 or later, OEM Boiler Parts has the following assets, previously owned by KewaneeTM Boiler:


  • Manufacturer's Data Report w/ Tube Information (P2 Form)


  • Original Factory Wiring Schematic


  • Gas Train Diagram


  • Oil Train Diagram


  • Fire Test Reports


  • General Arrangement Drawings


  • Original Kewanee Parts List

All job-specific technical data can be purchased directly from OEM Boiler Parts by calling us at 717-367-9900.

Kewanee Cam Coupling Assembly

400 horsepower and above

Part Number 408400000201

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Lever Assembly

Kewanee Lever Assembly 421300251204

Part Number 421300251204

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